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MEDG is translucent film sticker which is powered by a Nano Copper technology offering  24/7 and 365 self-disinfection without the need for any human intervention. MEDG have been  Certified by Dubai Municipality Central Lab for eliminating 99.9% pathogens in matter of seconds and preventing any cross contamination.

Science behind the Disinfection with copper Nanotechnology.

  1. Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses recognize copper ions on the surface of copper as essential nutrients and absorb copper ions.

  2. Copper ions infiltrate into the cells of the microorganisms and destroy its cell membrane.

  3. Important nutrients and moisture inside cells are lost.

  4. Copper ions attract active oxygen from outside and cell damaging is accelerated.

Disinfection Mechanism of Copper Ionization

 Benefits of MEDG Active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film

  • Can be applied to almost any surface where kids and family members  come in contact with, doors, chairs, kids working and study stations ,counter tops , tables, washroom fittings, play areas etc...

  • chemical  free and food safe material that do not have any harmful effects like the other options available for disinfection today eg: alcohol based sanitization and other UV sterilization

  • MEDG is the prefect antimicrobial solution for touch screens to keep your home safe at al time . 


What’s included in the Box

MEDG Safety Home essential Kit 6S:

  • 3Sheets A4 Size MEDG Active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film
  • Packed in a paper envelop with instruction Manual

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