Active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film

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The only Dubai Municipality certified active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film deactivate Pathogens 99.9% in mater of seconds. Proactive approach to make your surroundings safe.


 Guardians of our future


Anti–Microbial film with Copper Nano Technology



Science behind the disinfection with Copper Nanotechnology


Disinfection mechanism of Copper Ionization


 Benefit of active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film vs Copper

State of the art Nano technology

Polymer based film harnessing.

Reduced infectivity by more than 10 fold.

Its ideal with:

1.Semi Permanent  period of use.

2.Long lasting  antimicrobial effect.

3.Harmless to humans.

4.Environment friendly

Benefits of MEDG Active Antimicrobial Nano Copper Film


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