KLAPiT Picture Hanging Strips for Damage Free Hanging of Photo Frames, Paintings

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KLAPiT Picture Hanging Strips for Damage Free Hanging of Photo Frames, Paintings, Clocks, Shelves, Power Cords, Key Holders and many other products.

Drilling damages walls and generates dust which is dirty and can cause health issues. Also, drilling is a specialized activity for which you need. to call expensive labor which may also be contagious. Moreover, if you drill holes in a rented house or office, you may have to pay a huge penalty to the owner for its repair. These and various other similar issues encouraged us to innovate and develop this unique drill free hanging solution called KLAPiT.

KLAPiT is the result of over 8 months of extensive research on various adhesives and magnets. Its unique 3M VHB adhesive provides high peel-off strength to KLAPiT, even under high temperature environments. Also, KLAPiT's unique design makes it easy for you to remove and reinstall your product on the walls. This is extremely useful with products such as remote controls, clocks, USB speakers, power banks, wifi routers, door bells, etc, which need charging or replacement of batteries. Also, you can create interesting collage of picture frames in your rooms and can change it any time without much labor.

With KLAPiT you can hang

  • Pictures
  • Power Strips
  • Remotes
  • Lights
  • Pen Holders
  • Speakers
  • Paintings
  • Light flower pots
  • Wall décor
  • White boards
  • Dart Boards
  • Shelves
  • And many more objects

without drilling or damaging your walls. This makes KLAPiT - Your 21st Century Screw.

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