KLAPiT Cell-Mount Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

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KLAPiT Cell-Mount Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder, Uses HFC Technology, Compatible with iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro/11/11Pro/11Pro Max, Galaxy S9 S7 Edge, Huawei Mate 30, Google Pixel 2 LG G6.

  • World’s Smallest Car Mount – KLAPiT Cell-Mount requires only 1sq inch area on the dashboard of your car to hold your mobile phone of any size. You can place it at any flat surface on the vertical panel of the car dashboard, where it is clearly visible.
  • Reusable on multiple phones – KLAPiT Cell-Mount has a reusable Beta Steel Tape that attaches firmly to the back of your mobile phone inside the mobile cover. You can remove the Beta Steel Tape and reattach it to the same or a different phone for as long as it does not catch dirt. The reusable adhesive does not leave any residue on your phone after you remove it.
  • Excellent for use in car, office and home – KLAPiT Cell-Mount uses world’s strongest permanent magnet “NED” which can be detached from the Alpha Steel Tape in your car to be reused in your office or your home. You just need to place an extra Alpha Steel Tape at the desired place and use the existing NED magnet to mount your phone. In each pack of KLAPiT Cell-Mount we provide you one spare steel tape for your home/office.
  • Doesn’t cover AC Vent – KLAPiT Cell-Mount is designed to hold your Mobile Phone on any vertical surface, thereby keeping it safe against the heat of the sun. Moreover, it doesn’t require a Vent to hold it and therefore, does not block the air from your AC.
  • Proprietary HFC Technology – KLAPiT Cell-Mount uses the unique HFC Technology of KLAPiT that holds the NED Magnet firmly against the Alpha Steel Tape and doesn’t allow it to slide. This helps you to easily remove the NED Magnet and reuse the same for hanging your mobile phone on another Alpha Steel Tape in your car, home or office.

How to attach KLAPiT Cell-Mount?

Inside your KLAPiT Cell-Mount Pack

Inside your pack of KLAPiT Cell-Mount (White) you will find the following:

  1. One Reusable Beta Steel Tape for your mobile
  2. One Detachable NED Magnet
  3. Two Alpha Steel Tapes for use in Car, home or, office

How to attach KLAPiT Cell-Mount?

KLAPiT Cell-Mount is easy to install. You only need one Alpha Steel Tape, one reusable Beta Steel Tape, and the NED Magnet to start using KLAPiT Cell-Mount. The second Alpha Steel Tape is given extra for use in your home or office.

Follow the 3 Simple Steps to start using KLAPiT Cell-Mount

  1. Install the Alpha Steel Tape on the dashboard, wall, or desk.
  2. Install the Reusable Beta Steel Tape on the Mobile Phone (inside the cover).
  3. Attach the NED Magnet to the Alpha Steel Tape and start using KLAPiT Cell-Mount.

Please read the Installation process given below for a wonderful KLAPiT experience.

What is a Steel Tape?

A Steel Tape has specially coated steel on one side and an adhesive with a liner on the other.

Remove the liner to attach the steel tape to the surface.

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