KLAPiT 4pc Photo Frame offer pack White Frame- Free Photo Frame and Photo Paper

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KLAPiT Photo Frame Offer of free photo frame and photo paper with 4pcs of picture hanging strips- Got a nice picture? PRINT iT, FRAME iT, KLAPiT Design your own gallery wall all by yourself. Buy a KLAPiT 4pc Pack and get a Photo Frame with a blank Photo Paper free. Now you can easily print, frame and hang your pictures in your home, all by yourself. In this pack you will get: 4 units of KLAPiT 1 White Photo Frame 10cm X 15cm 1 Photo Paper 10cm X 15cm You will only need one KLAPiT to hang this photo frame. Therefore, you can use the balance 3 KLAPiTs to hang your other photo frames, paintings, artwork, whiteboards, etc. KLAPiT 4pc offer pack with free photo frame and photo paper makes it a perfect picture hanging kit with picture hangers, photo frame and photo paper all included in a single pack

  • Free High Quality Photo Frame of 10cm X 15cm
  • Free Photo Paper that fits into the photo frame
  • REUSABLE: Unlike other hanging strips which are single-use only, KLAPIT is reusable; Hanged-Product can be removed when not in use by sliding it up or down. The steel tapes on the wall & the product remain in their places. This mechanism allows for a quick swapping of products on the wall.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: KLAPiT is designed & tested with a range of products including but not limited to Photo Frames, Wood & Metal Craft, Television/AC remote controls, Pen-Stands, Clocks, Power Adapters, key-holders etc; effectively anything with a strong, flat & hard surface.
  • STRONG & VERSITILE: Each pair of steel strips & a magnet is designed to hold up to 500g of weight.

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